Monday, 28 January 2013

New Year, New Architects

Late last year, after a lot of research, discussion, prayer and listening to expert advisors, the PH Association Inc made the decision not to sign the contract with 1+2 Architecture, but instead to work with Scott Verdouw at JAWSArchitects to develop a more budget-friendly plan for our complex of buildings. We are very grateful for 1+2's help, enthusiasm, encouragement, and attention to our project at its inception, and we're happy to say that our working relationship ended on good terms.

Having made the change to JAWS, we are beyond pleased, both with the projected timeframe and price as well as the astonishing progress and designs so far. With their pre-fab experience and their willingness to work with volunteers, we're confident that the cost of the project will be much less than our estimate two years ago. 

We're also stoked at the reduced number of required consultants, and not least with the Christian commitment of both Scott (JAWS) and Mike (at Eco-Cabins, with whom JAWS has collaborated to create the 'Mako' range of pre-fab buildings) and their interest to go above and beyond to help the project. 

Check back soon for some sneak peeks of the lovely designs they've been working up for our Planning Approval application. As a teaser, we are taking our design cues from the history of the Huon Valley. Here is one of the motifs we'll be picking up in the designs - apple pickers' huts from the glory days of the Huon. Visit our friends at Hartzview Vineyard to see the original ones below. 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

It's all happening

You might be excused for thinking that nothing has been happening, due to the blog silence, but au contraire...
  • Pilgrim Hill swapped architects.
  • Christina had a baby.
  • The Baehrs moved to the Huon, within glancing distance of Pilgrim Hill.
  • Our Winter and Spring Workdays on PH were productive and fun.
  • Peirce is in the midst of an exciting new ministry opportunity that will help him further develop the skills needed for PH.
  • People have come on board to help us with tasks like communications and coordinating church visits and support dinners.
Over the next weeks and months, you'll be seeing/hearing more about all of this and more.