Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Designing Pilgrim Hill

Finding the designers for the Pilgrim Hill buildings has been a journey that went right around the world.

First of all, we fell in love with this graceful building by 1+2 Architecture, profiled in a coffee table book found in a Los Angeles bookshop.

...only to discover that it was on Bruny Island, just a ferry-ride away from Pilgrim Hill!

At the time we were praying that we would find an architect who would be willing to do some designing for us 'pro-bono'. We found our answer in the wonderful Craig Handy, a Canadian who had put his career on hold for theological studies at Regent College, Vancouver, and was intrigued by our vision for PH. He gave us invaluable help in crystallizing our vision for life at PH and drawing up an inspiring set of conceptual designs which helped us and others to understand the scope of the project.

At the conclusion of a visit to Tasmania, Craig felt it was time for the project to transition into the hands of someone with local know-how, given the complexity of the site. Meanwhile, we had met architect Michael Verdouw (it's Hobart, so of course we had about a million friends in common) - none other than the "1" of 1+2 Architecture!

After several meetings (and a lot of prayer), this team of award-winning architects -indisputably one of Tasmania's finest - offered to design the entire complex "on spec". (This is huge: they are willing to work unpaid until we can raise enough funds to both build and pay them.)

We're so thankful to God for this partnership, and for 1+2's enthusiasm for PH.

Prayer points:

  1. For openness, integrity and understanding in all of our dealings with the architects.
  2. For designs that reflect the glory of the first Designer.
  3. For a smooth road to Council approval. (Are you laughing yet?!)