Tuesday, 13 September 2011

It takes 5

Last year, Peirce was spending a lot of time praying for someone else - maybe another couple - to commit to Pilgrim Hill full-time. The ever-resourceful Mikey Lynch, on our board of advisors, made the helpful suggestion that we tap on the doors of people who might be willing to donate some time now, rather than lots of time later.

So, thoughtfully and prayerfully, Peirce began to talk with some brothers and sisters in Christ who had expressed a keen interest in PH and had skills which would complement ours.

Not too long later, the Group of 5 was formed. We meet with them every five weeks for a lunch at our house. Here's a photo of them looking serious (sorry about the poor camera work).

And here's a photo which shows that they listen attentively to Peirce.

I'm going to introduce them all individually over the course of a few blog posts, so stick around.

Here are some of the ways in which they've contributed to Pilgrim Hill so far:

  • Praying
  • Setting up this blog
  • Organising work days on the Hill
  • Working at our work days
  • Aiding our incorporation (writing paperwork, checking paperwork, etc)
  • Designing the new website (release date: October)
  • Managing the PH promo video shoot (more on that soon!)
  • Planning our Pilgrim Hill launch
  • Encouraging us
  • Getting others excited about PH