Thursday, 14 March 2013

Meet a random supporter!

I met Jordan de Hoog at a Pilgrim Hill prayer meeting last year. Curious about how he stumbled upon it, I quizzed him further....

How did you get involved with Pilgrim Hill?
I first found out about Pilgrim Hill when I discovered their Facebook page. I was excited about the idea of sharing the Gospel with travellers and farm workers, especially as I have spent a couple of summers on a farm near Pilgrim Hill.

Keen to find out more, I went along to a workday on the Hill. This involved a rough ride up the Hill’s driveway, some work on various projects, meeting the alpacas, a tour of the property, and a delicious lunch.

What have you valued most about your involvement?
I’ve enjoyed getting to know Peirce and Christina (and family), especially their evident love for God, His word and others around them. It has been a privilege to make a small contribution in their vision for reaching the lost for Christ through Pilgrim Hill.

What's your advice to people who are curious, but only onlookers at present?
I think the best way to find out more about Pilgrim Hill is to meet Peirce and Christina and hear their desires and plans (God-willing) for Pilgrim Him. Come along to a prayer meeting or workday! (details here)

In the meantime, visit and catch sight of the vision of Pilgrim Hill in their short and beautiful promotional film.