Friday, 25 March 2016

Humans of Pilgrim Dinners: Gianluca from Italy

"I heard Tasmania was one of the few places in Australia that was still wild. I thought, I have to do farm work anyway, so I'll go somewhere nice. It seems like an island no one cares about. I don't like [farm work], but I'm happy that I'm doing it. I am a personal trainer and I've been traveling more than 3 years already. Travelling to Australia to work as a personal trainer was my dream.
[I come because] I like to learn. Learn is my mission, my life mission. If I see any occasion that gives me a chance to learn I'm going to grab it. I like to meet new people, see new faces, to get to an environment that seems peaceful and where I feel welcomed."

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Humans of Pilgrim Dinners: Caroline from France

I came to Tasmania in November to do my farm job to extend my visa. Tassie is wonderful. The landscape and the people... I did a lot of hitchhiking and 80% of the people [who picked me up] were Tasmanians. I saw a man do a u-turn just to pick me up. In Hobart when I was lost, I didn't ask for anything and a lady came up and asked me if I needed help.
[About Pilgrim Dinners:] At the beginning I was worried because I thought it would be a bit religious, but it's really open. I ask myself more questions about spiritual things. I was living with a family in Geelong and they did a Bible study every week. I come from the Catholic religion but I want to ask questions and believe for myself and not because of my family.
If I can stay in Tassie I want to stay. I'm looking for a sponsor to extend my visa.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Humans of Pilgrim Dinners: Inez from England

Inez from England. Photo by Jon Jarvela.
"I wanted to travel and see the world and life's too short to hang around in my small town and stay in a pointless job. I love to travel and this was the next big country I could disappear into. I've been here 3 months, mostly in Tassie. I've been working at Lucaston Park Orchards and they've been so good to us. They are such a great family. [I attend Pilgrim Dinners] because it's a good opportunity to socialise with people. I was really interested the other week by that video of the woman who converted. I can't imagine doing that. I would have to turn my back on everything in my life. I appreciate that we can discuss things respectfully here and have those probings to think about things we often don't think about. Because what's the point of sitting around and never thinking about anything?"

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Humans of Pilgrim Dinners: Alex from the Netherlands

Photo by Jon Jarvela

"Two years ago I was backpacking in Mexico and I thought, I've got to do something bigger. I found out about the opportunity in Australia and I left my house and job. I found a Facebook request of someone asking for help with a job in Tasmania, and I came over.

The untamed wilderness, that's the thing about Tasmania. The main reason [I come to Pilgrim Dinners] is to socialise with people. It's a nice way to get out of my share house. We had this morality discussion. It made me me think about where my values come from. My job is quite boring, especially because I have had the same playlist for months, so I think about things all week."