Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Launch - in photos (courtesy of Anna)

We had a lovely, lovely launch.

I played the harp.

Joe prayed for us and afterwards served Hartzview wine and Lucaston Park Apple Juice to the guests.

Peirce told a choose-your-own-adventure story putting the audience
in the shoes of a future visitor to Pilgrim Hill

Will interviewed us urbanely.

Luke gave a TED talk.  (Actually, it was about our Association and the financial needs.)

Margaret made amazing food. (Honey-caramel apples, right here.)

Shiloh did all the graphic design and served food with visual aplomb.

Over 100 people came. They listened, laughed, prayed, feasted and filled in response cards. 
Pilgrim Hill friends, old and new.

God is good.

Thanks, everyone.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

She'll be apples

So there's this little thing coming up this Saturday night (Oct 22nd).
It's the launch of our association AND YOU HAD BETTER BE THERE!!

Pilgrim Hill Association Launch
7 pm, Saturday, October 22nd 
Hope Christian Centre
25 Tasma Street, North Hobart

We're doing a few things to bless you during the evening:

Music.  I'll be playing a Huon Valley-inspired harp piece I wrote for the Cygnet Folk Festival that hasn't been recorded yet. I don't get out as much as I used to since I'm having so much fun here at home with the mini-Baehrs, so don't miss a rare Christina Baehr (née Sonnemann) appearance.

Wine. Rob and Anthea Patterson at Hartzview Vineyard have donated two boxes of their beautiful local wines. The Pattersons are a Christian family who are pioneers in the Tassie wine industry and run a wonderful business in the Huon. (Their Tasmanian Apple-Honey Mead is a Tasmanian icon.)

Apple juice. Ah, but not just apple juice. Lucaston Park Apple Juice.  I've got your attention now, haven't I? The Griggs Family at Lucaston Park Orchards has been super encouraging to us and we thank God that in His providence they are the commercial orchard nearest to PH. We have so much respect for their integrity and commitment to living like Jesus.  

Food. There will be light 'nibbles' with a fresh, seasonal, Huon valley theme. Featured will be Margaret Sonnemann's creamy home-made ricotta. 

And apples, of course.

Friday, 7 October 2011


A while back - after a lot of research, thought, prayer and advice-seeking - an application was submitted for Pilgrim Hill to become a non-profit incorporated association. In short, our reason for incorporation was to provide financial transparency and accountability for the work of Pilgrim Hill.

On the 20th of September we heard back from the Commissioner for Corporate Affairs. From now on you can call us "Pilgrim Hill Association Inc."! (Yep - the dot looks weird next to the inverted comma!)

The association is comprised of 12 founding members and a seven member committee, which includes a four member executive committee. The 12 founding members are Christina (me) and Peirce Baehr, Dan Shepherd, Luke and Amy Isham, Dave and Shino Durdin, Margaret and Jack Sonnemann, Joe Ware and Will and Shiloh Longbottom. Among these, Peirce, Christina (me again), Margaret, Joe, Dave, Luke and Will are the committee members. Peirce is president, Christina (yep, you guessed it), vice president, David, treasurer and Luke is the secretary, making up the executive committee.

So drink a glass of Lucaston Park apple juice in honour of the Association, will you?

(Oh, the photo is snagged from our amazing promo video - about which much more soon! It didn't make it onto the new-look website because we all look kind of harried and stressed-out that there might not be enough wood-fired pizza to go around. We looked much happier after we'd eaten a bit.)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Alpacas await you

...on our updated website

Peirce has been slaving over the site at all hours, so please take a peek (and let us know if there are any bugs).

As an added enticement, the new site features stills snatched from our beautiful 4-minute promotional film by Joshua Lamont. 

The film itself is being kept strictly under wraps until our Official Launch on Saturday, October 22nd at 7 pm at Hope Christian Centre on Tasma Street. 

Come see it...and us!